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Project Description

One of London’s most infamous and recognisable areas for anyone travelling into the City. This area as originally the crossing site for the Fleet River, the famous resting place of Boudica (the Iceni Queen on the back of your 50p) and the major trade route from London to the North of the country. It then became the major intersection between Train, Road and River for London and eventually became one of the most important train terminals in the country.

This area, in more recent years has been seen with a slightly negative view. Hence why in 2014 a redevelopment plan was put in place which now spans over 67 acres and includes brand new retail, restaurant and stunning new residential developments.

We were proud to be engaged by Michael J Lonsdale (MJL) to work on the R6 project site of this iconic and historic part of London’s ever changing and expanding improvements. We were brought in to provide the Public Health and Rainwater installations for a luxurious new apartment block in the heart of the development. The 23-storey building has two penthouses and 74 apartments of varying size. We are working on this development until the end of 2017, installing the plumbing system, drainage facility and rainwater management.